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Online Allergy Test

This online allergy test is called the SNOT - 20.  This industry standard test will give you some idea of how bad your allergies are and what level of treatment you need.  Complete the test now to get your Allergy Score and see recomendations for level of treatment needed.  Always consult a licensed healthcare provider.

allergy test scores



No action necessary.  Take an over the counter medication as needed.


Appointment with provider is recomended.  If you take antihistimines more than 10 days in a row or if your allergies interfere with work, school, sleep, or recreational activities you need to consider immunotherapy.  You have increased risk for bronchial and sinus infections.  A home based immunotherapy may permanently relieve your symptoms.  Use OTC medications and avoid allergens as needed.  An air filter in your home may be helpfull during increased pollen exposure.


Appointment with provider is required.  You are suffering way more than you need to.  You are a perfect candidate for home based immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy may change your life for the better.  You need to bath everynight before bed, wash bedding 2+ times per week, and sleep with an airfilter in your room. 


You poor thing!  OTC's and avoidance techniques are not going to help you much.  You are at max risk for sinus and bronchial infections.  Your mental health may also be affected.  Call a provider today.  You need an allergy test and immunotherapy.  You probably also need to take a food sensitivity test.  An evaluation of your microbiome may also be important.  If your sinuses are constantly impacted after immunotherapy, you may need more invasive procedures by an ENT specialist.  Monitor sleep and depression symptoms closely.

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