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Permanent Allergy Relief At Home

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Allergy relief at home.  Allergy testing and allergy toothpaste.  Help your kids allergies.

About Us

Allergy Butler was founded in 2017.  After watching our friends and families suffer with allergies, we created the worlds first virtual allergist. 


We're a team of physicians, pharmacists, and software engineers who came together to find a better way to help people get access to life changing immunotherapy, safely, in their home, and at a great price.

This is how we do it: 

1) Provide an easy, in-home allergy test.

2) Use our proprietary, precision medicine technology and algorithm to customize your treatment.

3) Prescribe immunotherapy via toothpaste that can be easily, inexpensively, and safely used at home.

We are headquartered in Brentwood 


In a Meeting
About Us


Permanently fix your allergies, don't just manage them.

1.  Order an in home allergy test.  

2.  Complete your patient history form online.

3.  Review Results.  Licensed clinicians review your results and prepare a report for you showing your allergies and any steps you should take for relief.  If you qualify, you will recieve a prescription for Allergy Toothpaste.

4.  Start your in home treatments.  Immunotherapy treatment options include Allergy Toothpaste or sublingual drops.

How It Works



Allergy Test.  We mail you a kit with everything you need for a quick and easy allergy test.  Only a few drops of blood are needed from a finger prick to test for 48 of the most common allergens including trees, weeds, grass, animals, dust, and molds.

Allergy Test:  $149


The only way to get permanent allergy relief.  We dispense immunotherapy via:

  • Allergy Toothpaste

  • Allergy Drops


Immunotherapy:  $100/mo


Allergy Butler believes in permanently fixing your allergies.  100 million people in America need immunotherapy but less than 5 million have had access to it.  Allergies are the leading cause of missed days at work and school.  The best and only way to fix allergies is by following these principles:

  1. Make it easy for the patient.

  2. Use the best science.  This is why we are an immunotherapy first clinic.  Fix the allergies, don't manage them.

  3. Deliver care in your home.  Your home is the best place for healing.

  4. Safety.  Prevent adverse side effects, and accidents.

  5. Lower the cost through:

    1. Price transparency​

    2. Cut out insurance

    3. Virtual appointments via telehealth

    4. Use the best provider for the job

    5. Fix, don't manage

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Core Beliefs
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