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Allergy Butler brings permanent relief of airborne allergies to your home.

Better.   Safer.  Cheaper. 

Allergy Butler is a full-service airborne allergy service that brings you FDA-approved testing and therapies that can bring you and your family lasting allergy relief.  We send a licensed clinician to your home – no need to spend hours and hours at the doctor's office!

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Relief At Your Service


How To Treat Allergies

In this video our Pharmacist in Charge explains how to get permanent allergy relief and what immunotherapy is.

Impact of Allergies

  • 3rd most common chronic disease

  • 30% - 40% of all Americans suffer

  • 70% of Asthma flare ups

  • 65% of respiratory infections

  • 80% of ENT infections

  • 30 million annual courses of antibiotics

  • Associated with failure to thrive, sleep deprivation, poor growth, depression,and suicide

How it works

We've made allergy care unlike any doctors visit you have ever had.

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What's First

The first step is to find out what is actually causing your allergies.  Is it the dog?  Or is it the pollen the dog brings in the house?



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