How Much Do Allergy Shots Cost

The cost for Allergy shots with Allergy Butler is simple, it’s $250 for the allergy test and $2,200 for a year's worth of immunotherapy. This includes the in-home visits, follow ups, phone support, allergens, and supplies. No surprise billing.

Unfortunately, the cost of allergy treatments with a traditional physician can be hard to understand. To complicate matters, each doctor charges in their own way. The easy answer is that the average cost of a year's worth of allergy treatments in the Boise area can range from $3,600 to $6,600 for the year plus the cost of the allergy test.

Here are the components of what gets billed to the patient:

  • Office visit for the allergy test

  • Charge to perform the allergy test

  • Cost per allergen tested. Allergy Butler does 60 tests. Some doctors test as many as 160 allergens. Anything above 60 allergens tested is an indicator of fraud, waste, or abuse. It also leads to unnecessary patient discomfort.

  • Office visits for the allergy shots

  • Cost per shot

  • Cost per vial

  • Number of allergen extracts per vial

  • Frequency of shot clinics

It’s common for a patient to be told that allergy immunotherapy costs $1,800 for the year. Some doctors will do 2 shots per appointment so the cost of the immunotherapy is actually $3,600. That price still doesn’t include the allergy test, office visits, supplies, and vial costs. You can be surprised that you are paying well over $4,000 if you don’t ask about cost of vials, office visits, the allergy test, and how many shots there are. There are many good allergists, but a few are dishonest and hide their billing practices.

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