Allergy Butler Moves to Nashville

Allergy Butler officially moved its headquarters to Nashville, TN from the Salt Lake City, UT area on Aug 18, 2021. Allergy Butler uses innovative technology and a disruptive business model to provide allergy testing and immunotherapy in patients homes.

After an exhaustive national search for a new headquarters, Allergy Butler narrowed it's search down to Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. "Nashville become the leader quickly after taking in the friendly business environment, it's central location, help from the Governors office, and most importantly the reputation Nashville has for being the center for healthcare startups in America" said Edward Loomis, CEO of Allergy Butler.

The Allergy Butler offices are located at 901 Woodland St, in East Nashville. The Marketing Director for Allergy Butler, Bear Wilson, stated, "Tennesseans can expect to have a licensed, professional and friendly clinician come to their homes to do a quick allergy test on their arms. We then add those test results with our proprietary technology that brings in data from weather patterns, chemistry, and biology to narrow down what is exactly causing a patients allergies and a precision prescription to permanently relieve their allergies."

Allergy Butler tests for pollen, weeds, trees, grasses, animals, dust, mites, and molds. "The patient experience is the best in the industry," says Mr. Loomis. "Our clinicians take time to listen and teach the patients. We have only perfect 5 star reviews!"

Noelle McDonald started using the Allergy Butler. "This is such a great service! The in home aspect is super convenient. Our clinician is extremely professional and helpful. I was able to schedule for a time that worked for me. I had wanted to do allergy shots for years, but simply couldn't go to a clinic twice a week. Doing the at-home shots is a great option. Additionally, having the great support from the clinician makes me very comfortable with the process. *Highly recommend!*"

Appointments can be scheduled at or by calling (844) 426-9843 (844-4-BOW-TIE).

Allergy Butler has also started a new service for depression and anxiety called Blues Butler. More information can be found at

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