The World's Smartest Allergist

If you get a roomful of Allergists together and ask them what the most common allergen is, they will all give you a different answer. The truth is that the variables in allergy treatment are complex, so much so that no allergist in the world can know it all. It is currently estimated that there are 2.5 million peer reviewed papers published each year and that all scientific knowledge doubles every 9 years and it's accelerating! This means that everything your doctor learned in med school is now different.

The newest areas of allergy research are related to depression, anxiety, and suicide. Additionally, there is growing research in delivery methods for immunotherapy. That isn't to mention all the new research on climate change, chemistry, interdependence of allergens, meteorology and changing weather patterns, computer science, healthcare delivery models, biology and the moving of plants into new areas. If a doctor is actively practicing allergy medicine, then he doesn't have time to read and process the thousands of new research articles published everyday.

Allergy Butler takes a new approach. We use artificial intelligence. We let powerful computer systems read all the research and best practice protocols from across the globe. We then connect this system with weather patterns, chemistry, the specific biology of different allergens (do they fall to the ground or blow across state lines), the cross-reactions of allergens, and many other factors. Our clinicians then access this computer system from an iPad and you now have access to the smartest Allergist in the world with all the latest research from multiple scientific disciplines.

This approach allows us to follow a model that is much more cost effective as well. We use clinical pharmacists to administer our CLIA-Waived allergy test and allow for allergy shots to be administered safely in your home.

Call Allergy Butler today to set up an appointment for an allergy test by the smartest allergist in the world!

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