How To Treat Pet Allergies

My wife has been allergic to pets her entire life. When she goes inside a home with pets she gets a stuffy head, sinus headaches, runny nose, itchy eyes, and most importantly her lungs start to tighten up to the point she can't breath.

This has affected us in many ways. The first is that we could not visit my parents house. Second we could never have a dog or cat. Finally, this really hurt her work.

My wife is a professional home stager. She works with Realtors to get their clients homes ready to sell. She had a very hard time going into homes were she had to move furniture, hang art, and even clean when the client has pets. To save herself from the embarrassment, she would take an extra Allegra, eye drops, and extra puffs on her inhaler to help her get through it. However, she always got an allergy induced asthma attack that almost always lead to a lung infection and being stuck in bed for several days.

We never did any allergy treatments because allergy doctors were so expensive and required that we go to their office 2-3 times per week. This was impossible for our busy family. When I started Allergy Butler, I got my wife to do an allergy test to see what pet allergies she was really allergic to. We found out that she was more allergic to cats then dogs and had no allergies to birds or feathers. Surprisingly, she had the most severe allergies to cows. She had been avoiding down comforters and pillows for as long as I knew her and now she knew that feathers and birds have no affect on her.

My wife started allergy shots in our home. Two times per week she gives herself a shot with a very small needle. After less than two months, she was staging a home that had 2 big dogs that had shed dog fur all over the house. After spending 4 hours preparing the home, she noticed that her lungs were open, her sinuses were clear, and she didn't need use her inhaler once. She is sold on immunotherapy to help with her pet allergies!

Call Allergy Butler today to get a quick and inexpensive allergy test so you can see if you have pet allergies and what you can do to get permanent allergy relief!

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