What Allergy Shots Cost In Utah

We called around to some of the leading Allergy Doctors in Utah along the Wasatch Front to see what they charge for Allergy Tests and Allergy Shots. We did this so you will know what the pricing models are and so you can be educated when you go in for treatment.

We did not do any pricing for Park City, Ogden, or Provo. We did check Salt Lake County including the cities of Salt Lake City, South Jordan, West Jordan, Draper, Sandy, Murray, and Midvale. Here is what we found.

Pricing is broken down into office visits, allergy tests, extracts, and shots. There are a lot of variables including the number of allergens tested, the number of shots given, the types of treatments received, and the amount of time spent with the doctor. Some charge an office visit fee, but Scott C. Taylor MD, Wasatch Allergy & Asthma, and Allergy Associates of Utah weren't clear if there was an additional office fee or not. Intermountain Allergy & Asthma, and Gourley Allergy & Asthma were both clear on their office visit fee, although the fees vary.

We found a great variation in the protocols for the number of allergens tested. All offices charge a per allergen charge. One clinic tests 120 allergens, others do a range based on what the doctor says you need, while others have a fixed protocol for the number of allergens tested.

The ways shots are administered also vary. One clinic in Draper said they like to give 2 shots per visit, one in each arm. Another clinic in West Jordan and Murray will do your visits for 3 hours, one per week for 4 weeks. During the 3 hours they will give you one shot every 15 minutes. This is called Cluster Desensitization. This takes a lot of medication leading up to the visit to make this strategy safe. Some do shots 3 times per week while others do 1 per week, while most felt 2 per week was best. After about 16 weeks, all the doctors checked will move you to a maintenance dose that is one time per month. Allergy Butler follows the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology guidelines that say that even during maintenance, weekly shots are preferred to monthly shots. Only home based maintenance shots are doable because of time constraints going to a doctors office. This is why many allergists quadruple the dosage and hit you once per month.

This chart tries to equalize the annual cost for allergy testing and immunotherapy. Some of these prices might be inaccurate, but we went with what was explained to us. If you represent any of these clinics, please contact us to fix anything listed here.

The cheapest allergy clinic in Utah is Allergy Butler.

The clinics we contacted were:

Scott C. Taylor, MD IHC Riverton Hospital

Wasatch Allergy & Asthma in West Jordan and Salt Lake City

Allergy Associates of Utah in West Jordan and Murray

Intermountain Allergy and Asthma in Draper

Gourley Allergy & Asthma in Murray

Allergy Butler: $89 Allergy Test for 60 Allergens. $1,131 for annual shots. $1,220 Total

Dr. Taylor: $1,200 Allergy Test for 120 Allergens. Extracts cost $500-$1,300. Shots cost $820 to $1,230. $2,520 to $3,730 TOTAL plus office visits.

Wasatch Allergy & Asthma: $459.66 Allergy Test for 47 Allergens. Extracts cost $900. Shots cost $1,178.75. $2,124.71 TOTAL plus office visits.

Allergy Associates of Utah: $700-$800 Allergy Test wouldn't answer how many allergens they test for. Extracts cost $1,800. Shots cost $451 - $738. $2,951-$3,338 TOTAL plus office visits.

Intermountain Allergy and Asthma: $165-$300 for office visits. $720 Allergy test for 80 allergens. Extracts cost $1,200. Shots cost $615-$1,230. $2,700 - $3,450 TOTAL.

Gourley Allergy and Asthma: Office visits cost $100 - $250. Allergy Tests cost $350 for $50 allergens. Extracts cost $1,500 - $2,000. Allergy shots are $820. $2,770 - $3,420 TOTAL.

We called the IASIS South Bangerter Clinic but their phone system said they were closed at 2pm and weren't available for questions or to make appointments.

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