The Allergy Clinical Pharmacy

Allergy Butler is a clinical pharmacy that treats airborne allergies. We are organized as a pharmacy and our clinicians are licensed pharmacists. We built this company on this model for several reasons.

1. Pharmacists are a lot cheaper and plentiful than doctors. It's estimated that America needs 95,000 additional MDs by the year 2020 and it's becoming a challenge to get appointments quickly at convenient times. In most locations around the country there are more pharmacists than open positions.

2. Pharmacists are uniquely trained to work in the allergy space. Pharmacists have been a key member of the healthcare delivery team for years. Law changes and innovative delivery models have allowed pharmacists to work as healthcare providers for years. The education and experience of pharmacists is perfect in understanding chemistry, medications, and interactions with the body. These are key competencies in the allergy field. Additionally, most pharmacists have given thousands of more shots than any MD has.

3. State Medical Boards severally restrict alternative healthcare delivery models. These restrictions include allowing physicians assistants to do home visits. Another restriction is on the corporate ownership of medicine. Basically, the MD has to do the home visit and the MD has to own the company. State pharmacy laws and regulations allow for healthcare businesses, like Allergy Butler, to operate legally. The state pharmacy boards inspect and provide oversight for our operations to make sure we are following all the laws and operating in a safe environment for our patients.

4. Hours of operation. Most pharmacists are used to working retail hours which means working evenings, weekends, and holidays. The Allergy Butler clinicians are happy to do allergy appointments in the early mornings, evenings and on Saturdays.

5. Happiness factor. Many doctors are feeling professional burnout as their patient loads, and paperwork increases as their total pay decreases. Pharmacists in a retail pharmacy have the same stresses of working more for less. Many retail pharmacies expect a pharmacist to see over 600 patients per day. At Allergy Butler, our pharmacists only see a maximum of 8 patients a day, meaning they have time to understand our patients health, provide education, and explain the therapies in a much more relaxed setting. This makes both our clinicians and our allergy patients a lot more happy. This also means we are able to hire the best clinicians.

6. Technology. Airborne allergy treatments have a 100 year track record. The science of allergy treatments is very well known. For the first time, we have been able to put all the science of allergy therapies into a computer system and create rules based on all the research, studies, and best practices of allergy practitioners. Our system includes pollen, animal, molds, and dust biology, meteorology, current weather patterns and everything else needed to properly diagnose Allergic Rhinitis. By using this technology under the direction of our licensed doctor, our pharmacists can deliver a safe, inexpensive, and incredible level of allergy care to our patients.

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