The Allergy Butler Experience

 Allergy Butler is here to help relieve allergy suffering for the whole family with house calls and in-home therapies. We send our experts to you with allergy testing, medication therapy management, and immunotherapy, for the lowest cost in America.  Plus, our test is quick, simple, bloodless, and FDA approved.  

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Allergy Testing

We use a quick, non-invasive, FDA-approved allergy test to find the root cause of your allergies. The entire test takes 15 minutes and is done on your forearms.  We test for 58 of the most common allergens in your neighborhood including pets, trees, grasses, weeds, and dust. 

Allergy MTM

We will consult with you on over-the-counter and prescription medications you are taking to make sure you are taking the correct medications and dosages for immediate and permanent allergy relief.


We administer only FDA-approved sublingual and sub-cutaneous immunotherapy with six in-home visits over the course of a year. Your safety and comfort are our biggest priority.   Concierge service is free with the purchase of immunotherapy. Check out the video below to learn how immunotherapy teaches your body that allergens are not harmful.