Our Best patients

Woman Working from Home

Working Moms

Crazy Busy.  

You are successfully balancing kids, a demanding career, a husband, and the PTA.  You are probably also the team mom.  You don't have time for doctors appointments or for allergies to slow you down.

Soccer Training

Competitive Athletes


Your child plays competitive sports and has spent years perfecting his craft.  You'll do anything to help him get that edge with the best teams, coaches, and equipment.  One problem.  Those spring time allergies are setting him back. 

Mother with her Two Kids

World's Best Kid


Your child loves pets and loves their mom.  They love to play outside and have big imaginations.  Unfortunately, they are allergic to pets, spring time, and get sinus infections or asthma.

Man in White Button Up



You've started businesses and you know how to make them work.  You have allergies and want allergy shots, but you just travel way too much to go to the doctors office regularly.