Business Services

Allergy Butler partners with self insured businesses, health plans, brokers, and TPA's to lower the cost and increase the quality of allergy treatments for their employees.  Allergies are the fastest growing chronic disease in America and by treating allergies, you can save your health plan major costs.  Allergies are the major cause of sinus and respiratory infections, and asthma flareups.  Recent studies have shown that allergy immunotherapy can save a health plan $16,000 per patient in the first 18 months.


List of services

  • Onsite Allergy Care:  Allergy Butler licensed clinicians can come to your business to provide our world class allergy services to your employees.  This can be offered seasonally or regularly throughout the year.  This is a turn key service that can be billed through your insurance or through a 'Bundling' program.

  • Bundling:  Allergy Butler works with employers to reduce healthcare costs by setting a negotiated bundled low price to provide allergy testing and treatments.  We will work with your brokers, consultants, TPA, and health plan to make sure your claims data is accurate, your plan saves money, and your employees get the best treatments available. 

  • Centers of Excellence:  Allergy Butler provides the best allergy care at the best price in the most convenient way to patients.  Allergy Butler would be happy to set up a Center of Excellence program for allergy care.

  • White Labeling:  Allergy Butler can provide a Turn-Key solution that can be branded to your needs.  If you would like to provide allergy care to your patients we can fully integrate into your system.

  • Health Fairs:  Allergy Butler loves to come to your company health fairs to provide onsite allergy testing.  Your employees and their families will get answers to the cause of their allergies and steps they can take to get relief.

  • Other:  Allergy Butler is open to partnering.  Please contact us to discuss.