Allergy SHots

Allergy Butler has a program to allow you to take immunotherapy conveniently at home.  Immunotherapy is the gold standard allergy treatment that teaches your body not to react to allergens.  The immunotherapy is injected into your body just below the skin using the smallest needles. 

Allergy Shots

At Home Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy starts with a very small dose of highly diluted allergen extract that is injected just below the skin with a very small needle.  Over 6 months the dosage is slowly increased until you get to a maintenance dose.  This maintence dose starts to permanently teach your body to not react to harmless allergens including pollen, grasses, dust, cats, dogs, feathers, molds, or even cattle.

The secret to success in immunotherapy treatment is to have a good allergy test and bring in as much outside data as possible.  Allergy Butler does the best in home allergy testing.  The second step in successful treatment of allergies is to understand how allergens interact with each other.  The Allergy Butler strategy is to dose the amount of allergen that is effective and safe.  If too much allergen is administered, it becomes risky.  If not enough is administered, then the shots are safe, but they don't work.  This dosing strategy means that we will add up to 5 allergens per shot.  Because we understand how pollens and allergens are cross reactive, we can usually desensitize a patient to 10-20 different allergens with a single dose of immunotherapy.

Research routinely shows that the safest place to take allergy shots is in your own home.  There is always the potential for an extreme allergic reaction to the allergy shots.  Research shows that several things have to be present for an extreme reaction to an allergy shot.  This includes uncontrolled asthma, elevated exposure to allergens, and "hot shots".  A "hot shot" is when a doctor or nurse accidently gives you somebody elses immunotherapy.  If a patient has uncontrolled asthma, has a history of anafalaxis, or is on Beta Blockers then they are referred to an specialist for in office treatment.  By referring high risk patients to a specialist, we are able to eliminate all known risks to allergy shots.

This process makes the Allergy Butler allergy treatments the gold standard in allergy treatments.