Allergy Test

The first step in getting allergy relief is to do an allergy test.  Allergy Butler tests you for 58 different airborne allergens including animals, grass, trees, pollen, molds, dust, and mites.

Allergy testing

Worlds Best Allergy Test

Allergy Butler brings our famous service to your home or office to do your allergy test.  We test 58 different allergens including animals, grass, trees, pollen, molds, dust and mites.  This test is performed by placing the allergens on your forearms.  There is no need to remove clothing.

The procedure is quick and painless.  Some patients may feel some itching sensations temporarily with some of the allergens.  

Our reviews routinely state that not only do patients find the root cause to their allergies, but they also get a science lesson and finally understand how allergies work and what the different strategies are to get relief.  The most common strategies are avoidance and treatment.  All of our clinicians have a Doctor of Pharmacy license so they can give you in depth knowledge of all allergy medicines available and which allergy medicine may work best for you.  If you qualify, your clinician may suggest immunotherapy for permanent treatment.

Our service does not currently test for food allergies.  However, certain types of foods that come from flowering buds may be helped by allergy treatments like apples, oranges, cherries, etc.  Food such as milk and shellfish aren't good candidates for the Allergy Butler service at this time.

Patients that have allergies to many different things including airborne allergens and food sometimes find their body isn't as reactive to food after completing immunotherapy treatments.


By completing an allergy test, you can create a great plan of action with your clinician.  We are accepting new patients so book an appointment today!