Edward Loomis

My name is Edward Loomis and I'm passionate about healthcare reform.  Healthcare in America has average outcomes yet is expensive.  After visiting hospitals and clinics all over the world, the solution became clear.  We fix the high cost of healthcare by moving from a large academic hospital centered system to a patient centered system in patient's homes.  When you put patients at the center of the healthcare system prices drop, services get better, and more care options are created.

In 2015 I was working with a fortune 100 retail pharmacy, building and rolling out national programs.  My job was to expand the clinical services the pharmacy could offer to provide lower costs and more convenience for their customers.  I wanted to do allergy shots for my family and stumbled across a better way to provide FDA approved allergy relief: test for allergies in home, use a live data driven algorithm, and deliver immunotherapy to the patient in their home.  No more expensive and inconvenient visits to an allergist office for allergy shots!  We come to you!

Poised for a national roll out of the plan, the Fortune 100 company entered into a merger and put the project on hold.  I thought, why not launch it myself so customers have access to the solution as soon as possible?  After 2 years of research and regulatory approval, Allergy Butler was born.

Allergy Butler is a clinical pharmacy that partners with physicians to deliver care to patient's homes.  Recently every state in America has passed laws to encourage pharmacists to do more clinical work to free up physicians.  

We want to utilize the brain trust and untapped skills of pharmacists to make life better for allergy sufferers. A recent study showed that pharmacists are more trusted than physicians, they're experts at compounding, and they give more injections than most physicians.  A perfect match!  Plus, pharmacists are chomping at the bit to work one on one with patents doing the clinical services they are trained to do.

Allergy Butler started treating patients in Utah in 2017.  We are in the process of expanding to several more states, with a national roll out in the works.

Allergy Butler: Relief at Your Service!


Our founder's family suffered from debilitating airborn allergies.  When we found a solution that worked, was convenient, and affordable, we wanted to share it with the world!  We want you to enjoy your pets and the outdoors without sneezing and suffering! 

The Allergy Butler solution gives you FDA approved, lasting relief, from hay fever, pet allergies, pollen, grass, dust, mites, and molds.  We bring the best research, technologies, and experience together for your conveinance!

Edward Loomis

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